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22 Jan 2006 ... Animal Thoughts

Yesterday, I was talking about elephants. I do love elephants, they are such interesting creatures, and so big and beautiful. And their trunks are so wonderful: did you know elephants have more muscles in their trunk than we have in our whole body?! Elephants are amazing.

I love all creatures, of course, not just elephants. I get caught up, thinking about elephants, because things are actually happening. It's slow work, happening over years of time, but a couple of the elephants have been saved, and more will get saved, and it's going to be the biggest elephant rescue in history. And so it's important.

But the animals that I think about on a daily basis, who also need to be rescued, are the farmed animals. The cows and the chickens and the pigs and everyone who is born to be eaten.

It makes me so very sad... and I am so overwhelmed by the situation that I get tongue tied every time I want to talk about it. Billions of animals are killed every year. Billions. Do you know how to get "billions"? You have to kill Millions of animals every single day to get to billions.

And each and every one of those millions and billions... each animal is an individual. With feelings and a history and unique DNA and a unique experience and a mother.

The suffering that we cause to one animal -- in our efforts to get him born and make him grow and then kill him -- is incomprehensible to me, and we torture billions of animals. How did we get here?! Why do we let this continue?! When I think about billions, my faith in the inherent goodness of humans is blown away to dust.

So anyway. This is part of the reason why I'm vegan. And also the reason why I don't type about it very often. I guess I am still in the "angry vegan" stage, and I hate to advertise my angry vibes, ya know.

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