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5 Dec 2005 ... Jobless Bum Joys

Ah, glorious time. Time to do as I please, Sleep when I want, Eat when I want. Time to spend with Tegan, and time to watch interesting tv shows from the Discovery network.

Before my job sidetracked me, I had several projects going that I need to start up again. Obsessively writing in my notebook is something that I've easily fallen back into. I will also get back to my sketching project.

My challenge to myself is to make three sketches a day. I provide myself a full sheet of paper for each sketch: I don't have to fill the paper, and I don't have to spend time making the sketch look like "art". I just have to put Something on each sheet.

Tegan Sketches

I paged through my stack of sketches yesterday... seven weeks worth of crappy sketches of stuff around the house. I drew my stuffed animals often, and Tegan got some pages as well. Towards the end, it occured to me to go outside and catch some of the green things and bugs and snails in my pages.

Stuffed Animals on the bed

It's a pretty nice slice of life collection I've got going: my immediate surroundings, my favorite coffee mugs, my notebook, my art box, what my computer screen shows, and screen on my handheld, the junk on my nightstand, the front cover of the book I'm reading. All these things change and get lost. So I think, at the end of the year, I will bind my pages into a book. It's not art, but it is interesting.


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