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13 Dec 2005 ... 'Tis the Season

Ah, holiday stress. Yeah, I think I'm starting to freak out! And there's really no reason: I've done most of my gift shopping online, I have a good idea of what I have to go buy, and I don't have to worry about a job until the bills come back to me in January.

I guess I'm worried that my gifts are rather generic. um, the gifts are all acceptable, and the people will be happy to receive them... but there's nothing really "special" about them.

Two years ago? I made journals for everyone, I hand-bound blank books. Those were "special", and it didn't matter to me that most of the books would probably end up not written in and shoved in a storage box (tho I was thrilled to know that a couple were used!). I had made the effort, I had chosen colors and covers for each person, these were personal and home made gifts! People are _Obligated_ to love a gift like that!!

:) ha.

This year, buying my presents again, I am part of the commercialism. and it rather annoys me. So, I should start thinking ahead to next year's christmas... I wonder what kind of presents can I make next time?

My family celebrates a Christian Christmas every year. It's a pretty big deal because this is the one time a year that the whole family gets together... My mom's side of the family is relatively small, My dad's side has grown huge through marriages, and I don't even know everybody's names or existances!

The big celebration is with my Mom's fam. We all gather at Grandma's house: we go to the church to watch the play given by the Sunday school kids, then there is a big dinner and opening of presents. This occurs on Christmas Eve... Not Christmas day, which is reserved for sleeping in and playing with our new toys.

The celebration with my Dad's fam is quite different. It changed from the huge gift party, similar to Mom's side, after my grandparents died. Now, we spend a random day at my uncle's house. We go for a walk during the day in the nearby tree farm/park area. When the pond is frozen, we spend hours playing on the ice! We eat some kind of dinner, and most of the adults play card games (I read my book). And we play the gift exchange game, which is loads of fun!

I enjoy myself at both Christmas parties. Spending time with my parents, catching up with my brother, getting back with my uncles and aunts and Grandma... it's the best. I am thankful that I have such a cool family.

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