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1 Dec 2005 ... Temp-ing and Vegan-ing

So, after giving the granola company two months of my time, body and soul, I am left with 2,000$ and not much else. I am no closer to those necessities of life that we all crave. Namely, paid vacation, health insurance and 401k. haha.

Yep, the temp job ended and I am again unemployed, since I was not hired on by said granola company. And the company that pays me, is apparently not talking to me either. eh, shrugs.

Now I can have my time and soul back... well, there are things to do. :)

Yesterday was our last day at the temp job, we celebrated with a pizza party. And I must say, it was one of the better public eating experiences I've had, as a vegan!!

The right people knew I was vegan when we started organizing the party... My vegan lifestyle is extremely important to me and I talk about it at the least provocation. So, our supervisor asked right away what I could eat and I suggested a veggie pizza without cheese. And the guy ordering the pizzas did research for me: he found out they use cheese in the crust and asked if a salad or something else would be okay for me and what kind of dressing I could have.

Everyone was just so kind about having to go out of their way for me. And the salad surprised me: No wilted lettuce here! All their _fresh_ veggies on a thin bed of lettuce and spinach, with a little side of fruits. It looked so good several of the guys asked to join me. ha!

I was quite grateful, Happy Vegan. And I got to answer a few more questions about my lifestyle.

Update on the stray... I'm still feeding the black cat, but I've only seen her/him occasionally in the past week. The other day I found her napping in the leaf bowl in the rain. She was soaking wet! She let me dry her off and then I set up a box and towel in our tiny covered entry-way. Which she has so far disdained. oh well.

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