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11 May 2005 ... Happy Birthday Me!

Yay! Happy Day! I am 32 today! Thus begins my Birthday Week, and my Birthday Month! You cannot pack all that partying into a single day, after all.

I probably won't be doing anything too special today... I've been doing exactly what I want for a month now. I've got it down to a science!

Some web surfing in the morning. Maybe answering some emails, if I feel like it. Checking up with all the forums and groups I belong to. Visit the art sites and look at pretty things. Maybe download some new stock photos to play with later.

Possibly some tv with my lunch... Star Trek: Next Generation with a Hummus sandwich and a coke in my fancy new coke glass! (Altho, maybe my partner will want to take me out to lunch, today.)

At some point I will visit my non-existant garden. I will be planting my seeds soon, but I feel bad about the "weeds" I must pull. I hate to kill them, but I'm pretty sure that the three or four babies are actually trees... And I don't want trees with my peas.

And then read for the rest of the day!

We have been here for just over five weeks... And I've finished eight books! Well, okay, the Narnia books take about four hours to read, heh. But I've been reading longer books as well.

Last night, as a treat for myself, I started reading the latest from my favorite author: Tara K. Harper, Wolf in Night. I love her wolf-walker books, and fortunately this one is nice and long with small print. It'll last me a while!

I usually buy myself an extra special birthday present. But since I am a jobless bum, I'll have to put anything major on hold. I would really like a new digital camera, but I've been saying that for years! I think I'm going to make a new camera my reward when I get my first pay check. :)

And, not to worry! I will definitely pamper myself in less expensive ways! If not a short trip to Amazon, perhaps a few treats from Vegan Essentials.

Want to celebrate with me? As an extra special present to me and the animals I love: Please go vegan for a day! Or a week! Thank you!

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