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7 May 2005 ... PSP 9

I am enjoying my jobless bum state, although I do have a tendency to lean towards laziness. :) I still have a closet full of boxes that I need to open and go through. They are mostly books that I must organize on my bookshelves, and since I've got plenty of ebooks to read, I don't feel an overwhelming need to spend time in my closet.

But I am missing my Commonplace book. That's the blank book where I write down all the books I've read and the interesting quotes I run into. I've been reading a lot, and have stuff to write in the commonplace book, so I'd really like to have it!

So that's the motivation for going through the closet boxes. Of course, it totally backfired. I mean, get real! I open a box of books to put on a shelf, what do you think is going to happen?! Sidetracked.

Sidetracked, I say. I think, Oh, look! I was meaning to read this book. Oh, look at all the pictures in this book! "Tofu Cookery? Where did this book come from? Oh, there's a simple recipe for a vegan creamy avocado spread? yum." And look, look, look!

And then I found my Paint Shop Pro 9. Which I bought last November, but haven't installed. So I threw everything back into the closet and started reading the nice big user guide. *happy*

I got about 100 pages into the manual before I had to install the software. And then, instead of doing my "homework" of Chapter 5 Improving Photographs, I had to check out the new features of PSP...

Art Media.

cheri is in love. This is the coolest. I don't know how I bothered to live without it. It is so Fun to play with!

Since I hadn't read the chapter about Art Media (Chapter 12), I only found the Oil Brush and the Mixer Palette. But here is my very first painting...

Jungle waterfall, first digital painting ever!

It's just scribbles, but I love this painting! It feels like freedom and deep colours and ... um, yeah, it makes me feel like an artist.


I am an artist without a commonplace book. But we must not give up hope, because I have read Chapter 12, and I have learned that there is an Art Media eraser. and a palette knife. and pastels and coloured pencils. It is true: this will not help me find the book that is lost in a box in my closet. But just think of all the pretty paintings you will get to look at in the future of static8. :)

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