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15 May 2005 ... Growing Things

Green and Purple Bday!

My wonderful partner got me a hanging basket full of blooming flowers! It is so beautiful, and there are four different kinds of plants...

Little white bacopa flowers

The little white flowers are Bacopa. Pretty things, and they look tough, so I may be able to keep them alive! I think I read that cuttings will take root... I wonder if some bacopa would like to live in the same pot with my big ficus. (We are no longer talking about the small ficus: I've killed it. bummer.)

Big purple petunia

There's one big Petunia bloom but in a week or so there will be more. :) Petunia leaves are bigger than the leaves of the other plants, so it looks like it's taking over.

Little light purple nemesia flowers

The pretty little light purple flowers with yellow throats are nemesia.

Little dark purple verbena flowers

Verbena, I like. There are six groups of these flowers in my basket, and they are so vivid.

I also finally got around to planting my garden! Now I'm going out every day and "Are you growing yet?!" The little seeds say "No."

Broccoli, peas, two kinds of basil and some wildflowers. I decided to save the spearmint for a pot, since everyone says it likes to take over. I wanted the mint because it's supposed to keep the bugs away.

Before I put the seeds out, I mixed up the mulch to see what was underneath. I did this with my bare hands, which I won't be doing ever again... I got splinters from the wood mulch and picked out two pieces of broken glass. nice.

The mulch is two or three inches thick, and the dirt under it looks okay but it's mostly roots. Probably would have been smart to rip them to bits, but of course I don't have any garden tools! Bare hands, remember.

I ignored the ants and the rolly pollies. I threw the earth worms back. There were these white, half slug/grub things that kind of grossed me out. They were about an inch long and ½ an inch fat. They didn't move and they weren't excessively slimy but they didn't have a face. So I decided I didn't like them (or didn't want them in my dirt, at least) and I tossed them under the ivy near the fence.

It has sprinkled a couple times and hopefully my seeds are trying to wake up and do something. I can't wait to have green babies in my garden!

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