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27 March 2005 ... Vegan Travelling

Ordinarily, I don't eat at fast food places. Why would I subject myself to nasty wilted salad and questionable french fries? But when I'm travelling, I think it's acceptable to make allowances.

I actually like the Veggie Delight at Subway, but for some reason my partner starts compaining about sandwiches. I don't know why, seems like a perfect meal to me.

Wendy's has the new fruit plate, just ignore the icky yogurt. And I think their fries are made without meat additives and are usually fried separately.

Burger King has had their veggie burger for a while, and they are also cool with the fries. (The burger is by Morning Star and contains egg whites, therefore not vegan.)

We even ate at a truck stop restaurant that had a veggie burger. It contained cheese, but I was amazed it was even on the menu!

In Eugene we had Chinese, and also stoped at a pizza place that served vegan pizza... your choice of soy cheese or pesto sauce. I got the soy, and it was good. There were a couple all vegan places in town that I'll have to explore!

And in Lodi, there was a decent pizza place near our hotel... several different pastas to pick from and a decent all-you-can-eat salad bar.

So the trip was not completely vegan, but this I am not worried about.

I think it's a good thing that some fast food joints are willing to give some vegetarian options a try. It's a step in the right direction, and I have no problem visiting BK or Wendy's, when my choices are limited.

We took Tegan the guinea pig with us. I was rather worried about this, since she's not done any traveling at all, and I seriously considered boarding her. But it turned out okay. And plus I saved about 130$ by not boarding her... money kind of became an issue with this particular $5,000+ vacation. :(

At first Tegan was extremely not happy. The first day of driving she stuck her head in the corner. And then she refused to drink anything for a couple days! That freaked me out. Guinea pigs ordinarily drink a lot of water, and I was very concerned.

But she eventually settled down, and started drinking. I think it helped that we drove for a day, then stayed in a motel for a couple days (repeated four times). And by the return trip, she was actually drinking water in the car during breaks. (She drinks from a water bottle, and you can't have a water bottle in there while driving because the car movement will make it leak.)

Happy Tegan

She is happy to be home tho. Especially since she gets to run around on the floor every morning!

Tegan munching on a newspaper

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