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26 March 2005 ... Wishing I were dead

Well, I honestly thought all I needed to get over my illness was a little bit of Peace. I've been taking it easy, drinking fluids, reading in bed and napping lots. But I'm still sniffling and coughing and headaching. Actually, I'm worse. And I'm quite pissed off about it, too.

After blowing my nose for the millionth time, my annoyance level hit the roof and I loaded up on drugs. I've not done any packing for the move, and I need to do some chores and start filling boxes!

uh huh. I did about twenty minutes of work -- vacuumed my room and sorted my laundry -- and then I collapsed on the floor.

"Oh, good," I thought to myself. "I get to die now!"

No such luck. It took an hour before I was able to carry the laundry to the laundry room, and I was only able to do one of the three loads, but it did get done.

I'm on the verge of death, and I've not packed a single box... And I'm grumpy about it!!

In happier news, I was able to restore all the data on my Palm handheld. A simple process. What interested me when I was reading my guide book: Performing a hard reset (to delete everything on the Palm) will not change the time and date. But I did  have to reset the time and date.

So, I guess I'm "lucky" that there was an operating system still intact after it crashed. Kind of like I'm "lucky" that the car just burned out it's transmission rather than blowing up.

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