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29 March 2005 ... Moving

Long days and I'm getting all the crap thrown into boxes. And I'm still sick, I don't know how I keep going.

When I talked to my mom on Sunday, she was very disappointed in me that I hadn't started packing, hadn't reserved the U-Haul, hadn't done anything. "I'm on the verge of death!" But I get no sympathy: Mom is sick, too. humph.

I start packing on Monday, worked most the day. With a long, restful lunch. And some breaks for phone calls and partner's unorganized ramblings. And I'm pretty discouraged that I wasn't even able to finish up my bedroom during that time... Still the clothes in the closet and the books on the shelves. gack.

Today, I got more of my bedroom done. And a good bit of the living room. And started on the kitchen. I think it would go faster if I didn't have to blow my nose every five minutes. And it would be nice, too, if my head would stop exploding. eh.

A List of Nice Things You Find When You're Going Through All Your Belongings to Put In Boxes:

  • Candy (yay!)
  • Money (yay!)
  • Obsolete computer thingees (better save those because "you never know") (rolls eyes, whatever!)
  • Obsolete horse thingees (if you buy me a horse, it won't be obsolete anymore!)

Tomorrow, the computers get tucked away. The kitchen and the closets will be done. Maybe some cleaning.

Thursday, the moving van is ours. I was very concerned about the size... we had reserved the smallest van, and all of our stuff is not going to fit. So, partner upgraded us to the next larger van and I feel better about that.

I suppose we'll be travelling through the weekend. Here's hoping that the evil red car stays in one, operational piece! and our moving van, too!

Next entry typed from Oregon! yay!

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