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31 December 2004 ... Xmas Highlights

I kept eating cookies and sweets and people kept asking, "Oh, you're so skinny, you probably don't have to worry about eating all that, do you?" I reply "No worries" but evidently my metabolism is going to catch up with me one of these days. Pot belly and my jeans are feeling rather tight. bummer.

I guess exercise should be one of my resolutions, huh. fah.

My Free Tree I planted in Grandma's back yard however many years ago, is so beautiful! It's around nine feet this year, up from six feet last year! Wow, I have to look up at it!

Grandma said my tree was sickly over the summer. She called and a lady came out to look at it and she said "Spider Mites." Grandma had the tree sprayed and it's better now. I'm sad that she had to use poison. Maybe I should figure out some plants to put around my tree that will repell the little spider mite guys.

I tried to make friends with the sheep that live on Grandma's farm, but hardly even got close to them this year. bummer. Their guardian this year is Wally the Llama. He's a handsome fella. :)

Grandma feeds the feral cats on her farm, and this year she has more than usual. Usually there are five or six, but we counted 18 cats and kittens!

I think everyone enjoyed all the presents I got for them! And I got such wonderful presents, too! Yay! I can't wait to dive into them, but there is so much other stuff to do as well... getting caught up with online stuff, and journal stuff, and get back to my reading, and millions of hours of movies to watch.

My brother got me the 10 DVD set of the Matrix! I got blank books and markers and pens! Some books to read and some coffee and cocoa to drink and some breads to throw into the machine.

My grandma made me some horsey pillow cases, and decorated the cover of a new sketch book! My parents started my Dr. Who DVD collection! My partner got me all kinds of goodies... I love my beautiful nature kaleidoscope! He's still working on the high speed internet for us, and I am looking forward to that as well!

Happy. :)

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