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19 December 2004 ... Busy and Soon Leaving

I say I'm not going to procrastinate... but, as usual there are fifty million things to do in the last couple of days before I leave for my xmas holiday. eh.

I not leaving until Wednesday, but my partner's mom is coming to visit starting Monday... so, this weekend is all I have for cleaning and xmas buying and everything.

On Saturday, major cleaning occured, and more will occur today as well. The trouble is, we keep the apartment tidy all the time. So even tho both of us spent significant time and effort working in here, it basically looks about the same... it looks like we've done Nothing!

So, yeah, I tried not to be offended when mr. partner accused me of not helping.

Tegan the guinea pig is frustrated and nervous about me leaving. I tell her that Partner's mom will be kind to her, and Partner will take good care of her, but she is still annoyed.

So, instead of chewing on the fence to get my attention, she chews on the coroplast. I distract her for a while, but she really is ticked off. poor baby.

Well. I guess I have 50 million things to do today. Better get crackin', huh.

See ya in the New Year!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

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