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10 December 2004 ... Currently

I am having real trouble switching gears from November's Art By The Inch, where all my free time was spent making art, back to my normal life where I read and write and play on my computer.

I didn't have a plan after I completed my art goal. Since I no longer have a "reason" to make art, I've quit drawing. I was having trouble writing in my notebook even before my art month. Since the day job has been so slow, I've been doing a lot of reading at work and don't really feel the need to read so much at home. I've got my new programs on the computer to work on, PagePlus 10 and Paint Shop Pro 9, but I'm not working on those. There's some new stuff for my web site I'd like to look into, Word Press which is open source blogging software, but eh. And there's xmas shopping I should be doing, too.

All these things to do, and I'm not focused enough to do anything, I guess. But I do have random things to type about...

Currently Reading

Still working on the Darwin, Origin of Species. I'm not even half through and I started it over a month ago. And it's not like it's boring, I very much enjoy reading it. oh well.

At work, I recently finished The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two A. It was published in 1973 and is the first 11 of 22 greatest scifi novellas. I enjoyed it and I'll see if I can't find vol. 2B to read as well. "The Marching Morons" amused me greatly... a world filled with people whose I.Q. averages around 40, because only the stupid people are breeding. heh. Also liked "Baby is Three" about the next evolutionary step for humans, a gestalt being made of several humans with ESP powers. cool.

Current Critters

Tegan the guinea pig is, of course, spoiled, by both of her humans. My partner makes her breakfast and she's been getting orange and apple slices with her frozen peas. And the occasional bit of watermelon.

To let me know when she wants something, Tegan chews on the fence. Lately she chews on the fence as soon as I sit down in front of the computer. She wants attention, so I go over and offer to pick her up. She runs away. This happens every couple minutes until I get annoyed and just scoop her up whether or not she's ready for it. heh.

She'll sit happily tucked inside my sweater for about five minutes, chewing on my zipper. I'll give her a crunchy or two and then she's ready to go home, no more chewing on the fence.

And my hummingbird girl is Still hanging out in her tree! She is now sharing her branch with a sparrow. They look so cute together. :)

Currently Listening to

Nothin'. I've been without a radio in the car for two and a half years now... and I am totally out of the music loop. We've got a radio at work which we never use. I've got a stereo at home which I occasionally turn on to hear my relaxation CD.

A couple weeks ago, I wanted to hear my NIN, Pretty Hate Machine. That used to be one of my favorites, but now: eh, whatever. Now I want to hear some Smashing Pumpkins, but fear the same response. heh.

Currently Vegan

This morning at the day job, one of my co-workers poked her head into my little room and told me she brought some marshmallows to put in our hot chocolate. I nod at her and give her a non-committed "okay." Evidently that was not the enthusiasm she was hoping to engender because she went on, "Have you ever had marshmallows in your cocoa? It's so good!"

I shake my head, "Marshmallows are not vegetarian."

"They have gelatin in them."

"Gelatin. You know? Like Jello."

"Gelatin is made of hooves and ligaments and tendons."
"I thought gelatin was a chemical they make in a lab."

"Boy, you really go all out for this vegetarian thing don't you?"

"It's not that hard... after all, I've been at it for over ten years! Once you learn about the "sneaky" ingredients it's easy to read a label and avoid them."

'Course, I should be avoiding the cocoa, too, with it's dairy-ness and my vegan-ness. Not to mention the evil styrofoam cups. I've only had a couple of cocoas... I just keep forgetting to bring my own mug and some non-spiced Spice Tea (aka hot Tang plus Lipton).

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