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2 December 2004 ... ABTI Complete!

Yay, I made my goal of 2,500 square inches during the month of November. I made art every day, and my grand total is 2,633

abti 27 digital

The doe in this digital drawing is based on a photograph taken by my good friend Mare. :)

abti 27 poem
Most of my scribbles at the last of the month, were excessively scribbly. bleh. But I did do this abstract one with a poem...

Oh beloved "undo" button.

Call up the "undo" history,
My errors, no longer a mystery.

Highlight them all
"Undo" has a ball.

Or one-by-one,
"Undo" is so fun.

Oh button "undo"
How I love you.

haha. I amuse myself.

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