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21 November 2004 ... ABTI 16-20

More, mostly digital. Digital art is fun for me, and apparently addicting. ;) I really want to improve my digital art... for me, drawing on the computer has such a rough, scribbly look when I compare it to my pencil or ink drawings. I'd like to be able to "clean up" my digital art. Practice, practice, I guess.

And, let's see, I'm up to 1747 Pretty much on target... If I continue to do a "full page" equivilant (8.5x11=93.5 of art every day, I will reach my goal of 2500!

abti 16 digital

My favorite drink in my favorite koozie. You can read about my Area 51 trip, back in December 2000.

abti 17 handheld abti 17 handheld

Some more attempts at sketching Tegan the guinea pig, for which, again, she was not present. And the experimental, art-ish background turned out well, I think... Tho these drawings on my handheld made it feel iffy because I don't have layers and there's only one level of "undo". So whenever I screwed up badly, I had to erase my mistakes by re-colouring the background.

abti 17 handheld abti 19 digital

abti 20 digital

More scribble art. The cat and bird outlines are vectors. Vectors are good! Curves come out a lot smoother, and if they are a little bit off, it's easy to correct without having to redraw the same stupid curve.

abti 20

Eight more small, leafy squares in my notebook with Sharpies. I've got eight left on the page that I started on the 11th. These are so time consuming... I have to find a new leaf to draw, sketch it in pencil, decide my colours, fill in and outline with Sharpies... but the page sure looks good. Very design-full.

I have left out the art I did on the 18th. I did several sketches of the dying coyote I found on the road. I will not be showing that art publicly, out of respect for the dead.

By the by, today is the First World Wide SketchCrawl day... A whole day of drawing, "draw 'til you crawl." I'm not participating, but I'm looking forward to seeing the art there.

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