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25 November 2004 ... Turkeys and Elephants

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Instead of eating a poor dead turkey today, how about sponsoring one who is living at Farm Sanctuary... Adopt A Turkey Project! It's just $20, and you get to pick who you want to sponsor. I rather like Karma the turkey. Karma says: "what goes around comes around" when it comes to eating meat. *laughs*


I have been following the story of Wanda and Winky, the two Asian elephants at the Detroit zoo, with interest. A while ago, the Director of the zoo, Ron Kagan, had decided for ethical reasons to send the two elephants to a sanctuary either in Tennessee or California... it's just too cold up in Detroit for elephants, and the enclosures in zoos are cruelly tiny: just a couple of acres (or less) for animals that are supposed to be walking 50 miles a day.

I was so happy, knowing Wanda and Winky would be heading for a better life. But now, the stupid Zoo Association (and the San Antonio Zoo, "owner" of Wanda) is saying No, they want to send the elephants to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio... another cold place with only a couple of acres to be shared with five other elephants. fah on them.

Yesterday, In Defense of Animals and PETA had a protest at the American Zoo and Aquarium Association headquarters.

If you want to help, you can write letters to the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and the San Antonio Zoo, and ask them to send Wanda and Winky to a sanctuary, where they can live more naturally and where their health will improve. More information and mail and email addresses can be found on PETA's Action Alert page: Urge San Antonio Zoo and AZA to Retire Detroit Zoo’s Ailing Elephants to a Sanctuary.

Fun Stuff

Veggie Invaders! (Requires Flash.) Squirt ketchup at those vegetables.

Solar System Jigsaw (Requires Flash.) Put the planets in the correct order... then match up moons with their correct planet! ha, fun. Some other games and quizzes here too.

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