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16 November 2004 ... ABTI 11-15

eh. Not too much art to show today... or, actually, not too much good art to show. ha. I've done art every day, tho. And I'm still not worried about being behind. Right now I'm at 1119/2500 inches (I should have 1400 at this point).

abti 11 palm drawing abti 13 psp scribble

Still scribbling. Maybe I'm getting bored with Scribble Art, because sometimes I just draw something instead. I tried to draw Tegan the guinea pig... But she sat still for five seconds and then disappeared under her newspaper tent and that was the last I saw of her, all evening! Sheesh.

abti 15 palm drawing

Ms. Freerange. The way chickens should be kept, of course. And remember: we are boycotting dead birds for Thanksgiving!

abti 14

"Not A Weed" with ink and chalky pastels. I've discovered I really like the idea of the black and white subject with the colour background. This is the first time I've played with my pastels.

I've got two packs of 6 pencils (12 total), and not a purple to be found! ack, the purplish I made is a mix of cyan and magenta. fun and messy. I'm glad I've got Krylon laying around, I put about three coats on and those pastels aren't going to smudge anymore.

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