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13 November 2004 ... Software

I am on a upgrading spree today, so I want to type about all the stuff I use on my computer...


I love tabbed browsing, plus the foxy icon is just plain attractive! Free is good, too. FireFox is my primary browser, I've got the basic program and a couple of extensions. And I'm upgrading from 0.9 to version 1.0 today!

POP Peeper
I get a lot of junk mail and viruses. I use POP Peeper to get the headers of my email, then I delete all the crap. This saves me so much time... I used to download all my email with attachments and then virus check them. With a dialup, it was taking 5 to 10 minutes to take care of all the viruses. So much easier now!

This is my primary email client where I store all my email. I'm on the free sponsored mode, version 5.1... behind the times since v6.2 is current. I've used Eudora forever, and it's probably worth paying for. I just haven't gotten around to buying it yet.

The FTP client I use is ancient and stolen. It gets the job done, and I've never had a problem with it... but I wouldn't recommend it because I feel like the company over charges for the program. Thus, no link!

Norton AntiVirus
I've used Norton for many years and so far my computer is in one piece, so I keep renewing my subscription.

Web Site Development

Paint Shop Pro
Yep, I'm a big fan! Today I'm ordering my upgrade (version 9), which is the last Jasc version (recently acquired by Corel, humph). I always buy the manual and I usually read it. PSP is fairly easy to use, but I like to know all the tiny details.

NoteTab Pro
This is the text editor I use to make my html pages. Tabs are brilliant. I've made templates (via the clipbook feature) for the pages I have to recreate often. It highlights my html tags, which makes it easier to look at my crappy code. And a click of the button will bring up the page I'm making into one of two selected browsers! Time to upgrade this, too!

Word Processing

This is the desktop publishing software I use. I'm upgrading to version 10 today. In the past, this program has been... a bit... eh, temperamental. Yeah, I keep buying it, because the alternatives cost thousands of dollars. heh. I do enjoy desktop publishing, and I have pretty high hopes for this latest version.

It's not free anymore, but this _is_ the office software to get... much cheaper than that bloated Microsoft crap, and it'll open all of Microsoft's files! And it looks like the latest version 7 has a PDF export feature.

This is an information organizer that I use pretty extensively... In fact it's probably time for me to upgrade from the free version and buy one of the cool looking Pro versions. I use TreePad to save newspaper articles and my own posts on forums and random ideas, journal prompts, etc, etc!

Tiny Programs

Atom Time Pro
My computer's clock does not keep perfect time. I hate that. Atom Time checks the real time at Boulder, CO's atomic clock time server and then fixes my computer time.

A free shell extension that I use all the time, to create txt files... example: I've just downloaded a random file off the internet with a not very intuitive filename like abc.exe, I'll right click on the file, choose FileNote. It will create a file called abc.txt and open up notepad where I can type in what the file is and the URL and whatever random thoughts I chose to write! (I've also got CopyURL from this same page, but it's less useful now that no longer using Internet Explorer.)

Software Thoughts

Free is good, yes, but if I use the software I am eventually going to buy it. Since I prefer alternative software, I think it's a good idea to support the programmers. And I can do that by paying for the software I use. It's only fair, after all.

Okay. Time to shut windows and start installing stuff! *happy*

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