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5 July 2004 ... Tess Update

Thank you so much for all the good energy you guys are sending! Keep it coming!

Tess is still looking at the world in a crooked way. Tho maybe, just maybe that head tilt is not quite so bad? I think she's a bit more cheerful and bright eyed, too, sometimes.

I am being hopeful, but she's still not eating.

I was especially worried this morning. She has turned up her nose at everything, everything. I'm searching the cupboards and fridge for anything she might sniff. I am cooking her some ramen (Top Ramen, oriental is vege) and thinking about some apple sauce when I realize I forgot to offer her some water.

Sure enough! She drinks! I have to push Tegan out of the way. I try to explain to her that Tess hasn't drunk anything in days and it's really important that we not disturb her right now.

When Tess is done, Tegan gets some. Then I bring out the ramen. I've been making a whole bowl every day, just because I know Tess will eat one bite... and that's the only juicy thing she'll eat right now. She refuses to eat peas anymore, if she takes a bite, she spits it right out and turns her butt to me! And she doesn't feel like munching on oranges, either.

And so, I was terribly worried about her getting dehydrated. The little she was eating was hard, dry food like a soy nut or a granola bit or a crunchy. And I was sure that she wasn't drinking from the water bottle.

Tess ate a bit of ramen. And Tegan had her fill. They were both wandering around. Tess walked over to where I had set up the water bottle, and then walked back to the tent. She had to do this one more time before I caught on that she wanted me to hold the water so she could drink under her tent. ha, dumb human.

So, Tess isn't going to dehydrate today, she got her fill of water. And maybe in a little while, she will eat a bite of something, too.

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