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3 July 2004 ... Tessera :(

My beautiful guinea pig Tess might be dying. Or is probably dying.

I took her to my vet yesterday afternoon, with a head tilt which she had gotten the day before. I figured an ear infection, since her ears have always bothered her... she shakes her head more than her sister, Tegan.

But it turns out that ear infections in guinea pigs are extremely rare. It's more likely that it's some kind of brain thing.

It might be a brain infection or a brain tumor, or it might be some other random brain thing.

If the brain infection is caused by bacteria (or if it's an ear infection), the extra special antibiotics I got for her will help her get better.

If it's an infection caused by a virus or if it's a tumor or anything else, the antibiotics will not help. And there is no treatment. She may have seizures, for which there is no help for guinea pigs. She will be depressed and not eat. And she'll just go downhill.

The vet is not optimistic. But I'm giving Tess her antibiotic. And today is a weekend, so both guinea pigs are doing some floor time, out free. Like normal.

Tess can't walk very well. But being free has perked her up for a little while, and she has stumbled all around my bedroom. She's not eating, but I hand fed her a few guinea pig granola bits.

She's resting now. Tegan runs around and checks on her every once in a while.

I hope Tess will get better. Good thoughts and energy sent her way would be great. And some Reike, please!

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