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10 July 2004 ... Tess & Bits

Tess the guinea pig is hanging in there. She is still Ms. Crooked-Head and not eating and I am frustrated and sad since she's been taking her medicine for a week now.

I let both piggies out to play this morning and they were happy about that. I cooked up some ramen, which I haven't gotten around to in several days... and Tess actually acted like she wanted some! She helped herself to three or four bites! Yay.

And later when I put them back in their home, Tess took a frozen pea and ate half of it! That thrills me because she's not eaten any peas since the vet visit last Friday.

Excited over half a pea, ha.

Recently, I have been making an effort to play with my handheld. I did pay a lot of money for it, after all, and tho it will eventually pay for itself with all the free ebooks I'm reading on it, it's capabilities go quite beyond ebooks!

I did get that cool drawing program. And it is cool, but it didn't suddenly turn me into an artist, which is a bummer. Oh well.

It took me several hours to figure out how to get my drawings off my Palm and onto my computer. I could see the bitmap file I created, but none of my programs acknowledged the bmp's existance. Bah!

Finally I figured out that I could email the thing to myself... Quite a trick since my handheld doesn't do email or Internet or any of that online stuff. ha, so, yeah, it took a bit of reading the guide book to get that all straight. And now I've got the Palm drawings on my computer.

Too bad the drawings suck, so you don't get to see them!

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