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30 May 2004 ... 25 Things

The last time I did this was in 2001! So, here are 25 Other Things about me

  1. I became a vegetarian when I was 20, and I became a vegan when I was 30... I still occasionally have some dairy or eggs, so I'm not a great vegan, but I'm trying. I am thus for ethical reasons, primarily and environmental reasons, secondarily.

  2. I've got red heads on my mom's side of the family and blonds on my dad's side of the family, but I got stuck with dark brown hair. Currently my hair is long, thin and scraggly. Mostly, I just hate dealing with it. If I had blond hair, like my brother does, I would colour it green and blue and purple!

  3. I despise house work. But my bathroom gets cleaned on Friday evening, usually. And I do about an hour of Guinea Pig clean-up on Sunday afternoon, always. This involves removing all the old bedding in their house, shredding new bedding, picking up the newspapers I've laid down for their "I'm free!" time in my bedroom, and then vacuuming. phew!

  4. I won an "honourable mention" award for a scratch board drawing I did in high school. The drawing is framed and hanging in my parents house. My artistic talent has been going downhill ever since. But I'm trying to revive it!

  5. I have done some pretty cool things in my life. I've been up the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Piza, and lived in England for a few years when I was a kid. I've gone to Disney World, been up Mt Evans, took a hot air balloon ride over the desert, stayed in the Little A'le'Inn.

  6. I love to read! But I hate reading used books. yuck. I buy my books new and I do my best to keep them pristine. I've discovered that eBooks will never have that "used" feeling when I'm reading them on my handheld! I love eBooks!

  7. I don't watch much television, but I usually watch tv while I'm eating meals. SO and I have been watching the Ellen show during the week. Any other time, I go straight to Animal Planet or SciFi. Discovery channel has been pretty lame lately because I don't like those "re-design" your house/ room/ space/ car shows.

  8. I really enjoy viewing other people's digital art. Wow, there is some incredible stuff out there!

  9. I really don't like collage... to me, that's taking other people's arts, gluing them down and pretending it's yours. I think it's ugly, both physically and ethically. There is a place for collage: in your private journal, it should _never_ be shown publicly! ... Now, if you create your own images for your own collage: that's very different, and that is a true, public art.

  10. I got good grades in school, but I hated it. All of my teachers were indifferent or worse. I will never go back to school... but I think I would like to get some more degrees some day, probably studying online.

  11. I started out in college with an Animal Science major, art history minor, math minor. I graduated college with an Equine Sciences, industry concentration, degree and a computer sciences minor.

  12. I can't cook or bake. But I keep trying. I can cook pasta, but my sauces suck. I have a hard time following a recipe, but I've made okay corn bread and brownies this year. Most of my bread (for the bread machine) comes out okay, tho the prepackaged mixes are much better. As a vegan, I would really prefer to have home cooked stuff because I know what's going into it that way. It's a good thing that my SO cooks for me!

  13. I love to be surrounded by green growing things, but I tend to kill off all but the most hardy house plants. And now, of course all my plants have this disease which I'm doing nothing about. fah.

  14. I am a member of PeTA, the Humane Society, and the ASPCA. In general, I don't give money to human causes, but I have given donations to some of the online groups I am a part of.

  15. I feel strongly about many animal issues, but I have a hard time communicating my thoughts. Too often I keep my mouth shut and I feel bad later. And too often, I have a great animal topic to talk about here, that never gets typed up.

  16. I have around 60 items on my Amazon wish list, mostly books. And I've about 140 unread eBooks on my hard drive (and increasing during every visit to Gutenberg). Whee.

  17. If I lived in a house with a yard, I'd have a compost heap, a wild flower patch, a small vegetable garden, maybe an apple tree and some grapes. No chemicals would be allowed, and if the rabbits want to eat my food, that's fine with me! If I had a lot of land, and money, I'd have a horse or three and some rescued farm animals. especially a pig. and chickens.

  18. I am really lazy about stuff that I want to do, especially art projects. I am trying to change, tho I have had a few creative "failures" lately. bah!

  19. My favorite comics are Mutts! and Get Fuzzy! They both amuse me...
    Earl: Mooch, do you prefer to be called "pet"?... "companion animal"?...
    Mooch: "Boss"
    Bucky's religious cat prayer: Lord, give me the strength to change you people. and. um. Deliver us from weasels.

  20. I love Coke. Original Coke from a can. The only other soft drink I do is the occasional Vanilla Coke. No Pepsi, no root beer, no sprite or any of those fruity ones. I don't even like fountain Coke. Just Coke from a can, thanks. I usually try to limit myself to one a day, or one every other day, so I can remember to savor it! (But this is a long pleasant weekend and I am making my way through the 12-pack!)

  21. I am child-free by choice.

  22. I used to have a section of my online journal called "cheri Says..." I should bring that section back. And I should find the old file, some of those were pretty amusing, I think. And very much "me".

  23. I have more web sites than I know what to do with. Seriously. They are scattered all over the place. Some of them have died. Which makes me sad, but I wonder if they are in an archive somewhere. I just have a little problem when someone says "free web space" or "free site membership" or, you know, something like that. I will say one thing, tho: I've never had a geocities site. Not all my web "problem" is free... I own two domains. *shh* don't tell.

  24. I journal most days. It's pretty important to me.

  25. My Significant Other is an incredible person. I do not take him for granted. Do you know, even tho he's not a vegetarian or a vegan, he cooks vegan meals for both of us to eat! And he drives me places 'cause I hate driving in the city. And he respects my much needed alone time.

cheri says: Dang. Twenty-five is a lot.

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