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20 February 2001 ... 25 Things you never wanted to know
A prompt from Purple_Ink
  1. I'm a vegetarian.
  2. I don't own any leather. Except a pair of suede chaps from my horse riding days. I can't imagine ever wearing them again.
  3. I've got a dictionary and a thesaurus within arm's reach in my computer area. I use my dictionary about once a day, my thesaurus about once a month.
  4. I'm a jobless bum, looking for a career change.
  5. My past jobs have been above average cool... I've worked with horses, I've worked in a vegetarian restaurant, I've been a wrangler, and I've worked in a vet clinic.
  6. I've been writing in the same type notebooks for over a year: 100 page, double spiral notebooks. I'm about mid-way through my sixth notebook.
  7. Same pens, too: Uni-Ball, Vision Exact.
  8. My writing goal this month is to write 10 pages a week in my notebook. And to write 10 online journal entries.
  9. I once totalled a Volvo station wagon... it's not that hard to do, just roll it down an icy hill once. oops.
  10. The computer I am currently working on is an ancient 150mHz PC, the CDROM is disconnected, the floppy drive got fried several years ago, and the computer's name is Temperamental.
  11. I am very nervous about the new computer which will arrive in a couple of weeks.
  12. I've taken 10 free classes at Barnes and Noble University but I've never bought any books from them.
  13. My boyfriend is the most perfect companion for me.
  14. Right now, I am listening to Plastic Compilation v1. I like all the songs on it except Propellerheads, Take California.
  15. My stack of CD's I've most recently listened to: NIN, Garbage, Handel, Matchbox 20, Pure Moods, Enya, Waterworld soundtrack, Yanni, Creed.
  16. My favorite movies are LadyHawke and Legend.
  17. I am usually online for at least two hours every day. Sometimes I forget to check my email.
  18. I forget to eat on occasion.
  19. I highly value my alone time.
  20. I consider myself a writer. I have no aspirations to be published, tho.
  21. I am extremely asocial.
  22. I love rainy weekends.
  23. I had a dream about a bear the other night. The bear was very menacing and very close, but I was not scared.
  24. I've had to call 911 once in my life over someone else's domestic dispute.
  25. This list is my procrastination of the job search. I procrastinate a lot. :)

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