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5 February 2004 ... States as Time Line

This is a cool thing. These are the states I've "visited"...

create your own visited states map or write about it on the open travel guide

* visited 18 states (35%) *

I didn't count states I've driven through (although I totalled my parents Volvo station wagon in Nebraska) and I didn't count "lay over" states (although I spent a night in an airport in New York). And I didn't feel like filling out the international map, so there are a few years of my life missing.

Indiana... here I was born, in a place which no longer exists. Grissom AFB. I don't know where it was. I lived in IN until I was about 6.

Off the map, to England. Mildenhall from ages 6 to 9.

Kansas to finish up grade school.

Louisana for highschool. We live there for five years.

Iowa, I was 17 and I spent one year here, my senior year of high school. grad in 1991.

Missiouri, started college here.

Colorado, graduated college in 1997.

Georgia until 2000.

And Arizona until 2005. ;)

And the other significant states....

Spent my second birthday in California. A summer vacation in the Ozarks in Arkansas with my extended family, I was 11ish? Wisconsin was a trip with a neighbor to visit their grandpa, I was 12ish?

Hawaii was a family vacation. I was 15 or 16. I wasn't a wild and crazy teen, so I actually enjoyed the trip with my fam. I wouldn't mind going back one day.

Illinois was a roadtrip after my first year of college, so it was probably summer of 1993. My first roommate's wedding. She did not come back to college.

Virgina was another roadtrip, I think around 1998 maybe? To visit an Internet friend.

And Washington D.C. was a plane trip to visit another Internet friend. That was just a few years ago, 2001.

And my most recent road trips were to Roswell, New Mexico and Rachel, Nevada (Area 51).

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