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8 February 2004 ... New Cat

I was wandering aimlessly around the apartment this morning. The birds still had food left over from yesterday. I played with the guinea pigs for a while. Out in the kitchen, I glanced at the headlines of the newspaper on the counter.

Motion though the glass sliding door to the back balcony, caught my eye. A Cat! I spun around to pull a bowl out of the cupboard. I accidently slammed the cupboard door shut and the cat is now very aware of my presence. He looks at me and I tell him, Oh don't run away... see this? *waving bowl in air* I've got food for you.

He watches me as I move slowly towards him. The cat food is with the bird seed, next to the door. I pull the tape off the bag and pour Science Diet into the bowl... the cat is very interested. Slide the door open, and the cat is chowing down before the bowl hits the floor.

I shut the door and watch the cat eat. He's definitely on the thin side, but then all those feral kitties are. He's grey with white markings on his underside. I've seen three or four cats, grey with white, around lately, but not sure if I've specifically seen this one before.

He eats. Jumps at sounds outside the porch. Occasionally looks up at the hanging bird feeder... a few brave finches try to eat their food, but then! cat chases them off. Then cat comes back to the food in the bowl. heh.

My new stray cat

When he's done eating, there are still a few kernals left in the bowl. He looks in the apartment and "meow"s at me. "Sorry, you can't come in." But I put on my jacket and go out and join him for a few minutes.

I am Very cautious. But he greets me like a friend. He lets me pet him. And he rubs his face all over me when I kneel down... "Mine," he says. :) He puts his hands on my knee and I take his face in my hands for a moment.

I am glad he is happy.

When I go back inside, I have to block his way. I shut the door and talk to him, telling him he can't come inside, "But you are welcome to stay on our porch." He's talking right back at me, "Please?" "Sorry, bud."

Yeah, he's going to stay on the porch for a little while. I am glad to have him. He is welcome. And if he's still here this afternoon, I'll give him another bowl of food...

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