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25 January 2004 ... Sunday Links

Two years ago today, it was a Friday morning and my precious car got smushed. I still miss my car. The Honda CRX is still my dream car. Every time I see a CRX on the road, I think about asking the driver, "Wanna trade cars?"

Feeling kind of blah, so today you'll get links instead of a real journal entry.

  • Click that purple button every day at The Animal Rescue Site

  • We get the newspaper every day, but I only read the important parts: the comics. My favorite is Mutts! because it's cute, funny and it's got a good message: Save the Tigers, Don't Wear Fur, Please Adopt.

  • I just signed up for an ASPCA credit card! There's three different designs: one with a mamma and baby kitty, a big dog and a little girl next to a lake, and I ordered the gray one with the blue ASPCA logo. Bank One donates 0.7% to the ASPCA, plus a 75$ donation the first time you use the card.

  • My new favorite tv show comes on Sunday nights: MythBusters. "We're what you call Experts" Adam and Jamie make me laugh, I love the experiments they do, and something's bound to explode (and if it doesn't they make it funny anyway!).

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