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24 January 2004 ... Currently


  • So far this year, I have finished two books. Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny: eh, whatever. and Shadowfires by Dean Koontz: another eh, whatever. That's what you get when you let other people bring books for you to borrow. bah.

  • Almost done with The Nine Modern Day Muses, a creativity book by Jill Badonsky. It's pretty good.

  • I got about half way through Kinship with All Life, during SO's surgery the other day. I love love this little book about communicating with animals.

  • About to finish up the January edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. And about to delve into PeTA's Animal Times.

  • And next on the list of books I'm forced to borrow is Full Spectrum 2 (out of print). I don't really like the Full Spectrum series, but this one has a story by David Brin so I'm approaching it with more optimism. :)

  • I am ashamed to say I haven't even ordered the latest Diarist Journal. Ack.

  • And Dover is having their winter sale. *drool*

Listening to:

  • Enya's Watermark
  • A "Soothing Sounds" CD from Bath & Body Works
  • David Lanz's Cristofori's Dream
  • Also switching out for some Delerium and a mix disk with some classical music of Mozart, Brahms, etc.

Caring for

  • My partner's surgeried ear. I clean up a little and replace his bandaids. I haven't watched the video of the surgery yet, but I think what they did was cut off his ear, pull it forward and then worked on the inside of his ear. Interesting, eh.
  • Guinea pigs. Just trying to make them happy. Lately, I've been trying to pick them up every evening and sit with them in my lap for a few minutes. And of course, weekend mornings they are out and about. They are in desperate need of a nail trim and a bath.
  • the Plants. I despair over their horrid plant disease. ugh.

Currently, currently

  • Wearing: green sweat pants, purple tee shirt, heather grey sweater, some guinea pig fur.

  • Consuming: my latest coffee concoction, tiny amount of instant coffee plus some peppermint flavored cocoa. Sharing a plain, toasted bagel with honey with the guinea pigs.

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