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30 December 2003 ... Xmas Highlights

Subtitled: ACK! No photos because my digital cam is a piece of crap and pics I know I took are Missing, for the gods sake, Missing! grrrr!

Sunday: Plane trip and a pleasant evening spent at Grandma's house. A game of Group and Run, where SO kept trying to lay down the wrong sets, heh. It seems my luck at card games has turned around: usually I am the miserable loser. ;)

Monday: A day of Christmas Cookie decorating. Fun!

I took SO for a short walk. There is left over snow on the ground and SO played with that for a few minutes. It didn't snow at all, while we were there, so no sledding again this year, bummer.

I proudly showed SO my tree... Wow, major growth spurt, I am so happy! My tree is now about 10 feet tall (from the six feet it was last year). It has pine cones on it for the very first year! And someone built a nest in my tree (maybe robins). *happy happy*

SO hugs the frozen water

Tuesday: Out for a walk in a nearby creek with my brother and Significant Other. Went down at a bridge and came back up at a drainage tube that ran under the road. The water in the crick wasn't quite frozen, but was a solid waterfall at the tube.

Wednesday, Christmas Eve: An afternoon walk with Bro, Dad and Uncle, mostly cross country. One dead racoon, couple live deer, and some wild walnuts as a snack, thanks to the pliers Uncle brought with him. Home to shower, then off to the children's Christmas play at the church.

And then Christmas celebrations officially begin! An unusually small family crowd this year. Christmas dinner was catered and quite good. Then we open our presents. I think everybody enjoyed their gifts, yay.

Thursday, Christmas Day: Supposed to be a day of rest for us, instead we just keep opening presents. My immediate family opened our Christmas presents to each other. And then we headed to my Great Aunt's so she could open her presents.

Friday: Christmas at Uncle's house (Dad's bro). A walk in the private park, nearby. Dinner, presents and then I settle down to read my book while the crazy people play Nerts.

Saturday: A day of packing. And then a visit to my other Uncle (Mom's bro). It was kids against parents in this game called Cranium, we kids won! of course. *smirk*

Sunday: A morning of travel and we're home again in the afternoon. Play a bit of catch up, online. Glad to be home with my computer. Missing the piggies, tho.

Monday: Pick up the guinea pigs first thing in the morning. They are both happy to be back home, but subdued for the rest of the day. I give them time to settle.

Tuesday: That's today. My vacation continues and the guinea pigs are out and about this morning, very much happy. Still not totally caught up with online stuff, but no biggie. There is much to do, but I've got the rest of the week to do it all!

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