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20 December 2003 ... Update

Just a random update from the static, before I leave my computer!

Yep, I'm going to Grandma's house for a week! And bringing the significant other with me... it's the first time for him to meet my extended fam. hehe, we'll have fun.

I am sad that I have to leave the guinea pigs behind, tho. They will be going to a boarding facility later today. I'm sure they will be fine and well cared for, but I still worry. My poor abandoned babies. The airline won't allow anyone but humans, cats and dogs in the cabin... and nobody is going to treat my friends like luggage.

I got the piggies a new home to be boarded in. Their permanent home is too big and too open, and their old home is too small and too rusty. The new house should be just about right, size-wise. But impossible to clean since it only has a very small door in the side. Fortunately, that's not my problem. heh.

I set up the new home last night. New kind of bedding, too. I put the piggies in there for a few minutes. With lots of peas, their favorite treat. They sniffed the fences and the ceiling and the new bedding. And then they ate some of the new bedding. They seemed okay about the whole thing. But when I opened the door they were both right there, "Time to come out now!"

This morning, I let the pigs go free for some floor time. I opened up the door to the new home, and sat next to it and put their food dish inside. A couple peas later, the pigs are walking into their new home all by themselves!! They will do anything for peas!

I left the door of the new home open so they can come and go as they please. And when ever I bring in treats (more peas and a peanut butter granola bar), I leave the goodies in the new home. It is so wonderful to see them walk in voluntarily and happily munch on treats. I hope they will be okay in there for a week.

My precious umbrella plant was starting to do some serious dying. :( I don't know what kind of disease the plants have... they are all crying sap and have little brown scale things on the leaves, but the umbrella is the worst. It was losing the bottom leaves, left and right for the past week or so.

I took the umbrella plant into the shower and spent over an hour cleaning it. First spraying it with a dish soapy solution. And then scrubbing each individual leaf with dish soap and a paper towel. Spending so much time in front of the bath tub seriously reminded me of my dog washing days. heh.

The brown scaley things were coming off the plant, but it required much scrubbing. The leaves were healthy green underneath, so maybe the brown things are some kind of bug egg or larva thing (as opposed to a scale that a sick leaf is making). But I didn't run into anything crawling, so who knows.

And the next day, I noticed that I missed a couple leaves. arg. And even if the scrubbing does work, there is no way I am going to be able to do that with the other plants. The ficus bushes have many hundreds of leaves, it would take me weeks to scrub each leaf! And the spider plant is just too web-like to even contemplate a scrubbing!

If I take a sample to a nursery, I'm sure they will sell me some chemicals to cure the plants. But that isn't something I want to do, either.


And in other news, I have volunteered to host, maintain and BUILD a website for a small group of artists.

Wow, huh?!

Yeah. I am really excited. And Really intimidated.

Okay, people. I am outta here.

I hope every one has a fantabulous holiday!!

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