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13 December 2003 ... Double and Triple Bah

I'm sick.

SO was coughing last weekend, and on Monday I started coughing, too. Just a cough and a headache. I could actually mostly pretend I wasn't really sick.

But on Friday, my nose started sniffling. And body is kind of achy. And generally wishing I were dead.

And I was supposed to be xmas shopping all week. I kept putting it off, thinking, oh, I'll feel better tomorrow. eh.

All the essentials got done. I got food and oranges for the little furry ones. And I got the recycling out of the car trunk... it holds 10 pounds of coke cans and I got $2.50 for it.

But we are getting down to the wire with the xmas gifts. So I forced myself to go out this morning.

I highly recommend xmas shopping, early in the morning. I actually got parking spaces within walking distance!

And I highly recommend xmas shopping, powdered on various cold and pain medications. What does "powdered" mean? I don't know, I made it up, but it has something to do with feeling fuzzy, uncaring and happily numb.

Nice things when you are sick:

  • Drugs
  • Hot showers... Breathing steamy air is the most wonderful thing in the entire universe. Even better than the drugs, yes.
  • Juice. Cran-Cherry, yum.
  • Naps. And being warm under the covers.

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