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6 December 2003 ... Bah

Haven't felt much like talking, lately. There's nothing to do at work, so I've moved to a different area. And there are four ladies there who like to talk. I am an extreme introvert and having to be social all day, wears me out.

So, I have been generally grumpy about everything for the past week. My mind has been obsessing over issues so overwhelming that it's hard to feel anything but hope-less...

Our oceans are dying. Study: Commercial Whaling Caused Massive Ecosystem Decline

And we are generally killing the life on our planet. Humans Pushing Everyone Else Off Planet


And in other crappy news, the house plants at the back door have some kind of disease.

The umbrella plant has always leaked a little sap, and I thought it was just something unique to that plant. No big deal, I would give it a shower and it cheered up.

But since I moved the small ficus near the window, it has started crying sap as well. And the umbrella plant has gotten a lot worse in the last month or so. Only the bottom leaves cried, before, but now the top ones are starting to as well. It may be dying. :(

I'm going to buy a spray bottle, and hit the plants with some dish-soap-water, and clean the leaves off. I don't know if those tiny brown things on the leaves are bugs or what, but all evil things are going to be washed off.

but it's probably hope-less as well.


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