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14 September 2003 ... Re-arrange

Part of my problem, lately, is restlessness. My biorhythms tell me it is time to move.

Preferably far, far away. I am so tired of this year-long summer in the desert. It's been three years and I am ready to leave.

oh. Except someone may be coming here to meet me. And I'm kind of happy at my current day job. and anyway, it'll be months yet before our lease is up.

So, I decide to re-arrange the furniture, instead...

Bedroom before

The "Before" picture. That's the closet and the door at the top. The new guinea pig home and my big ficus take up the middle of the room, making things a bit claustrophobic.

Going down the left side is the stereo, CDs, the lamp and the scanner and printer and then my computer area. My bed was under the window... that's Pepé the Pound Puppy!

Next to my pillow is my "night table" where I keep art and journalling stuff. And then the book case on the right. All the squiggles are piles of junk.

Switched it around

And the After. The guinea pigs and stereo and book shelves stayed, while the bed and the computers traded places.

The computers will probably suffer some sun damage, since I insist on opening the blinds every day. oh well. The piles of junk haven't found a new home yet, and the CDs are still out in the living room. Think I'll buy a few more storage cubes and maybe a CD holder thingee.

Just something different, eh.

I met someone new while I was moving my stuff around. Smiles.

I was in my old computer area, picking up junk and stirring up dust. Movement, just to the side of my focus. a bug? Tilt my head so I can see around the propped up keyboard.

A tiny lizard! tiny! I look at him and he looks at me. He's about two inches long, and most of that is tail. Carpet colored with darker markings. Such a cute little guy.

I send love to him. And I wonder. Does he live here? What does he eat? Is he alone? How old is he? He's so small.

And how in the world am I going to move stuff around him?? I tell him to go home to his hidey-hole and wiggle my fingers at him. He runs along the wall and gets trapped in the corner.

Wiggle fingers more. And he runs for the open. Straight at me. I am still and he has stopped on my toe! Wow! A wild animal sitting on my toe!

When he runs again, he skitters under my bed. So. That's it. No more moving for tonight. I finished up the re-arrange the next afternoon, and hopefully the little critter has found his way home.

I am happy to have a lizard living in my room with me and the guinea pigs. I hope he hasn't left and I hope he sticks around.

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