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13 September 2003 ... Thinking about Journalling

The Culprits:

  • The Diarist's Journal Issue #3 concerning the Fake, the Fictional and the Published

    I love this magazine. And was intrigued by this issue because I've never read any published diaries. All of the articles were excellent and I very much enjoyed reading. You should go buy it now!

    The article "Opal Whiteley: Fraud or Not?" by Raymond Lee Zager, got me interested in buying Opal: The Journal of an Understanding Heart. There were several excerpts in the article, and Opal's writing is just delightful. Does it matter if the diary was written by a 6 year old genius or by an adult on the verge of mental illness? I don't know, but I'm going to read it anyway.

  • This month at Daydreaming on Paper concerning Creative Profiles

    A little peek into other people's journalling habits. I have fun reading these and looking at the pictures. Lots of ideas spring here.

  • Journaling 101

    Is going through The New Diary, Tristine Rainer And I've decided to re-read the book along with them. The facilitator is posting some good prompts. I lurk.

  • I made myself a blank book. Using the Dawn Stitch of course. But a different kind of cover, since I don't do glue.

    My new book has several kinds of paper for the pages. Some deep green, some teal and the center of each signature is white cardstock... which will be watercolored greens and blues. yum. The cover is soft back and covered with a great printed fabric of green fern leaves. I love leaves.

    And the cover is a new experiment. I made a lot of these little books and gave them as presents last xmas. Twelve books, I think it was. And I was not really thrilled with the cloth covers I made. But I really like how the new cover on my leaf book turned out. yay me.

More later...

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