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21 September 2003 ... Just Stuff

The Weekly Weekend. humph.

Last weekend's re-arrange was the furniture. This weekend's re-arrange was my hair colour. Yeah, I coloured my hair. Dark red. The box of hair colouring stuff has been in my closet for years. And with my red henna shampoo, the red should stick around for a while.

'Course my hair is dark brown and it's still dark brown. But now most of my grey hair is red. So, it looks like chestnut highlights.

Anyway. Something different.

Waterworld was on the Sci Fi channel this afternoon. I happened to catch it at the very beginning and the music drew me in. The sound track is great. And, Yes, I like the movie, and sure, I own it and could just pop in the tape and watch it without commercials. I thought about doing that but then I noticed some parts that I had never seen! Just like the Abyss! A different version of Waterworld, who knew.

Wow, there was a _lot_ of extra stuff. As I watch more and more, characters are filling out more, scenes re-arrange and actually make more sense. I like it. And at the end of this one, right before the Mariner sails away from the island, Helen gives him a gift. A name. *smiles* Ulysses.

Oh, and the very, very end. Enola finds a plaque at the top of the hill. Mount Everest. ha. Well, anyway, you can read about the other altered scenes over at the Interent Movie Data Base: Alternate versions for Waterworld.

I was going through my digital photos the other day, looking for a decent picture of the guinea pigs. There aren't any. I really, really need a new camera. But that's not what I wanted to type about.

Photo manipulation of my Umbrella Plant

I want to type about leaves. I have a serious obsession about photographing leaves. There are leaves everywhere. And they are all really crappy pictures, too. I never learn my lesson. Just keep taking more pictures. ha.

Leaves are green. My favorite colour. They are alive and growing. I love how the light plays on them, bringing out different shades.

And I love how their shadows fall on on the grass on a summer day with a slight breeze. It reminds me of childhood and freedoms and makes me think of good things.

Not something you can capture with a camera. But I keep trying.

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