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7 June 2003 ... Bookish

Currently Reading

  • Andre Norton, Flight In Yiktor (sadly out of print)
    This is one of those books that I come back to again and again, along with several other Animal-related, out of print, Norton books: Moon of Three Rings, Dare to Go A-Hunting, Iron Cage and Breed to Come.

  • The PSP8 User Guide.
    It is so fun to learn everything you can about your new software!

What's that? Only reading two books? Yes, I am a slacker.

I was paging through my commonplace book the other day. I write down the books I've read, I list all the short stories and I note the online classes I've taken. My book starts in the year 2000, and it's interesting to note the changes of organization...

Year 2000... I was doing some serious reading. Apparently, I was unemployed or something. :) I listed what I read every single day. And I was all over the place. It must have been fun.

Year 2001... Now, I'm listing books by month, each month gets a page or two in the commonplace book.

Year 2002... The monthly display is definitely working for me. I also start writing down quotes from the stories and books I read.

This Year, 2003... Pages and pages of quotes! Wow, it is fun to read those.

My commonplace book is a hard back bound, blank book, the kind you can buy at Walmart. It's major draw back is that it doesn't lie flat... which is why I'm not using it as a notebook/journal.

I'm about 2/3 through the book, we'll see if it lasts through 2004. Not sure about that, since I'm writing more quotes. I'll be sad when I finish it... But it will be cool to place it on my bookshelf with the real books.

I haven't read any Guttenberg e-books in ages. It's just too much trouble to read them on the computer... I already spend too much time in front of the computer, as evidenced by my painful "track ball wrist".

So I'm definitely in the market for a Palm device of some kind. I keep looking around, but have yet to find something that suits me. humph.

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