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31 May 2003 ... Lalala

Did it again, huh, a whole week goes by without typing and again I've got the menagerie journal entry! Oh well, it gives me a chance to use the blue butterfly line.

The Kiss, re: Matrix Reloaded

Remember the scene where our hero, Neo, must kiss Persephone in order to get to the key-maker? The whole time, watching that scene in the theater, I'm thinking, "WhatEVER!" Because that scene was lifted from one of my favorite movies, Legend.

The scene from Legend: Jack's quest to save the Unicorns and his love, Lili, has him and the fairies trapped in a dungeon. Jack wants Oona to fly out and get the key. (Key? key? Sounding familiar, yet?)

Oona: I'll do what you ask, if you'll kiss me, Jack.
Jack: Easy enough
*Jack pecks Oona on the cheek*
*the other fairies laugh*
Oona: Call that a kiss? Am I not sweet?

Of course, major difference here... In Legend, Jack stays true to his love, and refuses to kiss Oona. Poor stupid Neo does kiss Persephone, with Trinity looking on.

The seeds I planted last weekend haven't done anything yet. And I know it's only been a week, but I'm worried that I've killed them already. I think maybe I should have started them growing indoors, in tiny pots and then transferred them to the big pot outside later. But. It's only been a week...

Ooh! Important day-job news! I got a review and a raise.

In the review: they think I am brilliant. They love my ability to multitask. I get things done and I'm cheerful and intelligent about everything. The only problem is that they want me to express my ideas more often.

ha. The only reason I didn't get the very highest rating is because I don't talk? That amuses me, and if you think I'm going to start talking just to get your stupid highest rating, you've got another thing coming!

Anyway. The pay raise is just enough to cover my 401k and the new increase in health insurance. So, I'm back up to my original pay check. fine, whatever.

In the end, it's still just a day job. Enough money to live on is all I really need. Plus, of course, books and computer bits. :)

I'm pretty disappointed that my Paint Shop Pro software hasn't arrived in the mail yet. It's scheduled to get here on monday. bah, waiting through a weekend? bah!

And, yes, there seems to be something funky going on with the new site design. It loads happily, but then with Navigator 7, instead of saying "Done" at the bottom pane, it says "Transferring data from" And it's never done. That is rather distressing. But I can't find anything blatantly wrong with my code... bah.

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