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26 May 2003 ... New Design

Yay! I've finally changed the design on this place. It only took me... two years. sheesh.

So, okay, as usual, the new design has a new page over at my design history site. If you are so inclined, go ahead and read all about it. Butterfly Design

The long weekend has been put to good use.

I've planted some seeds I got at the Botanical Garden. They are a mix of Penstemons which will attract hummingbirds. Yay. I hope they hurry up and grow!

I've been listening to the Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack, many thanks to my good SO who bought it for me. :) I don't much like Rage Against the Machine (tho I put up with them because they are on the Crow Soundtrack) or Marilyn Manson, but even with those two songs, it's a really great CD set.

The second disc has the orchestral movie themes, and they are all good. Of note on the first disc, Rob Dougan's "Furious Angels", wow, I Like it. And I think I like the Linkin Park song, "Session" with the weird off-beat. But my favorite is definitely "Sleeping Awake" by P.O.D. What an awesome song!

And I am trying not to be on a spending spree. But I did get PSP 8, and I did add some stuff to my web account. And now, I just want to buy some other stuff... you know, like pens and watercolor crayons and um zines and pretty books.

Well, it's still my birthday Month so perhaps I will indulge... I'll just keep my credit cards here in the computer area, all handy.

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