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26 May 2003 · Butterfly Design...

Yay! It's blue, it's simple and it's something I can call ALL my own! Yes, it is terribly "girly", ack. I am not a real girl! So, we shall see how long this web design actually stays up. :)

I had a vision of a web site design using one of the pics I took at the Desert Botanical Garden's Butterfly Pavilion. Yep, cut out the butterfly photo, and stick it at the top of the page.

A bit too boring, so I drew my own butterfly with vectors on my wacom tablet. Blew it up, played with the colors and pasted it in the background. kinda cool!

Play with shrinking my butterflies to make a couple more little graphics, and that's it.

The HTML page has a bit of CSS, but it's simple stuff and the page looks good on all my web browsers: Internet Explorer 6, and Netscape 4.6 and Netscape 7.0

The page and all the graphics weigh in at just 40k which will load quickly on a dial-up. Which is what I'm still stuck with, so that's the kind of thing I concern myself with. ;)

And, as I said, All Mine! The photo is mine, the graphics are mine, the everything is mine. so here you go:

copyright © 2003 Cheri -rift- Meier

Oh, except the font, which happens to be Juergen. And I happen to really like those handwriting type fonts and Juergen is a great example.

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