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13 April 2003 ... Artistic Block

So, I go pull up what I've already got on my new site design. A basic HTML page and a couple of graphics, which I started months ago. I know what needs to be done next: some drawings, a couple more graphics, refine the HTML.

And I stare at it for a few minutes. And then I leave.

blah. Blocked.

I think to myself, Maybe I could go re-read Fearless Creating. Or maybe that beautiful Hannah Hinchman book will inspire me. Or perhaps I just need to start at the beginning with The Artist's Way...

uh huh. There is one thing that I know about myself. I use reading to procrastinate. (but, oh! oh! look! Hannah Hinchman will have a new book out soon! Walks with Sisu: An Artist and Her Dog Take to the Hills, whee!) (And The Decorated Page looks pretty as well...)

um. Sheesh. You see how easily I divert myself with books.

And as you can see, I've not uploaded a new site design. So, there is no happy ending to this story.

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