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12 April 2003 ... Lists

A list of things I miss:

  • Adric
  • my car
  • forests and being just down the road from the State Botanical Garden
  • being a jobless bum
  • being around horses
  • updating my site design every once in a while
  • playing Nintendo games all day. Simon's Quest. Super Mario Brothers.
  • moving. or maybe I just miss traveling.

A list of things I could buy:

  • new eye glasses
  • new drivers liscense
  • Coroplast for the new guinea pig home
  • 900$ digital camera
  • 400$ handheld Palm
  • Paint Shop Pro 8. quit teasing me with the Beta, Jasc.
  • the extra-special Cheri Chair (if I could find it)
  • a horse. Actually that's on the list of things I Wish I could afford.

A list of Cheri Says:

  • "People are Stupid"
  • "You should hit save BEFORE the computer crashes"
  • shrug
  • "I don't know. AND -- I don't Care!"
  • "Ack!"

Happy things to do on a Saturday:

  • Much surfing
  • read
  • play with the guinea pigs
  • play with the kitty
  • drink coke and eat hersheys
  • play with a new site design?

Okay, I'm off to go do that last one... Keep your fingers crossed!

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