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6 April 2003 ... Notebook

I finished up reading the second issue of The Diarist's Journal. It is excellent, very good reading, and I highly recommend you go buy a copy for yourself!

It got me thinking about my notebook. I am just finishing up my current notebook, and I paged through it the other day.

I've been writing in this notebook for almost six months. Which is just pure insanity. Remember the good old days when I went through a 100 page, full sized exercise book in just two months, and killed the ink in my favorite pen in a mere 20 days?! Yeah, okay. I am not as prolific as I used to be, a very sad state of affairs.

Some things of interest from the current notebook:

  • I ignore the lines on the paper. This probably has a lot to do with my last notebook, which was blank (ie, unlined). I now write all over the place! Sideways. in Columns. Somedays, I have tiny print... I love the micro-tipped Uniball pen and the words are all scrunched up on the page. It's very interesting to look at.

  • Tiny sketches. Thumb-print size. I like them, but there are relatively few of them, say one or two for every three or four pages.

  • Other visual elements. Boxes around words/ sentences/ topics. Many different colours of ink! Decorative words.

  • Not much stuck in. A sticker here and there. A few of the Mutts comics. In the beginning, I would print out my current desktop background... but I changed it too often and the effort became tedious.

  • Lists. ha. Many, many lists of things to do. There are lists everywhere!

And so the last page of the notebook. I have to decide on a new notebook from my stack. I am leaning towards a big, bound sketchbook. I would like to encourage myself to draw more. Writing in a book that says "sketchbook" on the cover might help. Also the pages are blank and white, so they will scan a little more pretty.

But the size. At my current rate of output, coupled with my recent tiny printing, the big sketchbook will probably last me a full year. ugh.

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