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29 March 2003 ... more Prompts

Boy, this online-journalling thing sure is turning into a weekend event, huh? arg.

Honestly? I think my day job has been taking a little too much out of me. The purpose of my day job is a low stress way of bringing home some money. And the "low stress" part is not so "low", here lately.

In the last two weeks, the job has been frustrating... our sign-making machines are falling apart, the material we make signs from has been defective, and then we run out of material and the next batch isn't coming til next week, and the film we make negatives of our signs with is defective, and, and, and. And don't even get me started about job politics and job rumors and etc.

And I come home after a day of frustration, and I'm tired of it all. And I don't feel like writing. Or I don't have anything to write. Or whatever.

So, perhaps it's time to re-affirm some of my creative projects. Thus, the Friday Five of online journalling...

the Friday Five

Friday Five from 14 Feb, 2003:

1. Explain why you started to journal/blog.
I've typed about this before, but I have no problem repeating myself! :) In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing. At the time, I had not discovered the online journal phenomenon (which was much more compact back then). I wanted to know what attracted people to web sites, so I studied the sites that I visited.

I quickly came to the conclusion that the sites I returned to had content that was updated on a daily basis. I decided I must update the content on my own site. And so, this great, indecipherable mess was born!

A more interesting question would be "Why do you continue to online journal?" And for that question, my answer is less specific.

Sometimes I do my best thinking while I'm typing. Sometimes there are words circling around in my brain, they must be typed! Sometimes I just find it impossible to quit something that I've started! Sometimes it's just my form of artistic expression.

As to why it has to be online... it's my own egotism, I suppose. Everyone should listen to me, everyone should nod in agreement, everyone should smile at my sarcasm, everyone should be saying, "cheri is just so very interesting/ amusing/ brilliant!"

2. Do people you interact with day to day or family members know about your journal/blog? Why or why not?
Yes, both family and friends know of my website. Why? I just like to talk about my little projects to whoever might find them vaguely interesting. It's along the lines of "See?! Look at what I can do!" heh: pretty funny now that everyone and their dog has an online journal or blog!

3. Do you have a theme for your journal/blog?
My tagline is "Chaos, white noise and the Static in my head." Which means I am pretty much all over the place. uh, within certain general limits, namely: No politics, No religion, and nothing of life or death significance.

4. What direction would you like to have your journal/blog go in over the next year?
I have said a million times before, that I'd like to do more typing here. I would also like to add more creativity. In the form of my sketches, and photos and more frequent site designs. And whatever else hits my fancy!

5. Pimp five of your favorite journals/blogs.
um. no. I consider this "private" information. And also, of no interest ... Go find your own favorites!

Hammock under the stars. ©cam

In the name of creativity, a little sketch which I enjoy!

The top is a sticker, the rest is just a pleasant place from my imagination.

Later... just a couple hours after I posted the above sketch from my notebook, I was reading The Van Gogh Blues:

Make time count by taking some action that supports your life plan, your principles, and your creativity. Of course, you could ironically extol the virtues of inaction, of doing nothing, of lazing your way to death, of swinging in a hammock as you and the world spin pointlessly together. But that irony would only break your heart and get you nowhere.

Hm. The fact that I am drawing means I am taking action!

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