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30 March 2003 ... the Cat

I think we have officially "adopted" the grey and orange stray cat. He's been coming around a bit more frequently here in the last week. And both SO and I have been setting out food for him... Science Diet: only the best for my stray cats! heh.

SO has named the cat Charcoal, which is a name I like, so I suppose it'll stick. I was pretty superstitious about giving the cat a name, thinking he'd probably never come back if we named him. But in truth, the cat started coming more frequently after his christening. :)

The cat, who has been coming around since this past December, is in good condition. I went out today to check on him. Sometimes he runs away, but today he felt affectionate. So I pet him and checked for wounds and such. Just a few tufts of fur missing here and there. And looking kind of round in the tummy, like he may have worms?

hm. But then I just stuck to petting him. He's very nice and likes to talk when you pet him. Smiles. I walked over to the porch wall to look out on the world. He jumped up on the wall beside me and gave me a cat kiss right on the face! "um, thank you," I say as I wipe off kitty germs. Laughs.

And, ya know, I don't know how to tell girl cats from boy cats, so I'm not sure if he is actually a "he". :) Yes, I worked at a vet clinic for two years, and I'm ashamed to say, I never got around to asking how to tell.

Charcoal sits and contemplates boyness and girlness

Oh! and I do want to mention how proud I am of SO for deciding to "get over" his hatred of cats. SO has been very nice to Charcoal, brings him food and talks nice. yay, that makes me happy!

And of course, I can't go around showing pics without including the guinea pigs!

Tegan on alert! Tess on alert!

Aren't they cute?!

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