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24 February 2003 ... Waving Magic Wand

You see? Waving the magic wand really does work.

Over the weekend, I made some clipart stationary for my mom.

In the past I have always used my desktop publishing program to make stationary. And I've always had problems with it. It's a little bit buggy and I expect far too much from it.

So this time I did all the work directly in Paint Shop Pro. It went quickly, easily, it did everything I asked. I was happy and I was jammin' out designs!

For viewing ONLY.  copyright 1998 Serif, inc.

I also love going through my clipart collection. It's not well organized, and there's a lot of it. Most of it is crap, and I think, I could draw that so much better. But, because of the sheer size of my collection, there's bound to be stuff I like, as well.

My favorite, from today's browsing, is the sprawled cat. I love the colors and the free lines, and the simple forms.

um. I should get back to my drawing class...

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