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20 February 2003 ... Currently

Currently, our living room has finally become livable. They got the hole patched up, and the ceiling painted. We bought a new pad for the futon. And I caught SO vacuuming up the rest of the mess this afternoon.

Just need to move the plants back, and we'll have a pretty living room again. oh, except they stole the ceiling hook that my big spider plant was hanging from. humph.

Currently, at work I am reading Watership Down. Wow. I'm 100 pages in, and what a Great story! I can't believe it took me this long to pick it up.

At home, I'm reading The New Diary. A good book to relax into during the evenings.

Currently in the stereo: Pure Moods 4, Enya's A Day Without Rain and Enya's Watermark.

Currently consuming a coke and some chocolates. There's lots of chocolates in the apartment right now. I love it!

Currently, I really do not feel like writing. Or drawing. Or doing much of anything. Very energy-less. But here I am, writing something!

Currently I want stuff, but I'm much too lazy to go out and get it... I want to go to the Wild Oats store and see if they have some vegetarian soap. Walmart to buy a little lamp for my bed and some bookshelves. And I would like to buy My Computer Chair. (That's in caps because I don't want a normal boring office chair.) There is probably other stuff I want to buy.

And there is stuff I want to do. Did you know that the HTML book I bought is flippen Huge? It's insane and I want to read it all and then get going on my web sites again. And I haven't touched my sewing machines yet, and I want to get that sewing book and sew stuff and then design my own stuff. But, right now I am just trying to keep up with my drawing class. I may or may not post drawings.

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