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2 March 2003 ... Random Rants

You know what really annoys me? People who have kids and say something along the lines of, "I hope they change the world..."

Grr. YOU! You have a life. You go out and change the world YOURSELF, you stupid lazy person.

okay. I feel better now.

Well, not really. You know what else annoys me? Hummers. I saw one being driven to a dealership the other day. Bright yellow, just like in the commercial.

To all of you SUV-driving, environment-destroying people: you are stupid. And I hope the price of gas keeps going up, just so you can suffer.

And another thing. Adkins. You know? The so-called diet where you eat nothing but meat. You people are stupid, too.

Let me count the ways... Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke. You want to know something really funny. Dr. Adkins had a heart attack. ha.

okay. Now, I think I really do feel better.

With all the rain, making the desert green, I've been trying to get into spring cleaning mode. Yesterday, SO carted me around to various stores so I could look for various pieces of furniture that would organize my life. I don't find much, but at least I came home with a set of drawers that I can put all my paper in. 'Course there's no place to put the drawers until I get the bookshelves.

But, in the name of spring cleaning, I moved stuff around and made room for my paper drawers. And discovered I really need two sets of drawers! Six drawers, but I've got more than six different kinds of paper. hm.

And yeah. Since the living room has been moved around, I'm also thinking about moving my bedroom furniture around as well. Kind of tricky, tho, since there are certain requirements that are already being met... Like the big, clear central area for guinea pig running, and hidden cables and general guinea pig proofing, and the bed under the window.

I just need a bigger room, that's all. Who wants to help me move the walls around?

a Bamboo sketch

I think my little bamboo plant is dying. Waahh :(

Good thing I drew it for my drawing class, because now it is immortalised forever. heh.

Oh. and by the way. If you are one of the stupid people that I referred to above, and you suddenly feel the need to email me some flames... I reserve the right to post your email here and make fun of it without telling you.

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