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9 November 2002 ... Furniture

I don't own any furniture.

I have always tried to keep my life simple. I move every couple years, and I am grateful that I don't have any heavy objects to tot up and down stairs. Plus, I have better things to spend my money on.

In the living room there is a futon, an easy chair and a coffee table. All these belong to SO. The bar stools are his. We each have a resin chair, mine is green and I stole it. heh.

In my room, I've got my bed and bed frame. That is the only official furniture I have. My stereo sets on the box I bought it in. My books are in boxes and on boxes. My computer stuff sits on various boxes and risers. I don't have a real chair for my computer stuff.

For a long time, all through college and a couple years after, I had my computer stuff right next to my bed. It was great, I could spread out on my bed and surf and play.

And then I started working from the floor. I didn't have to raise the monitor so high and I used a bean bag to keep comfortable. And then the bean bag got holes in it. And then the fabric ripped. And then I had bean bag dust coming out every time I moved. Not so good for the computers.

So, I've moved down in the world. To a few old pillows, piled up.

Talking with SO the other evening, I described my perfect computing chair. I want to remain close to the floor. It's easier to spread out that way. So my chair has very short legs, probably only about six inches. I also like to sit cross legged, the chair will have to be very wide.

I highly value comfort, so the cushions will be soft and supportive. I sit in front on the computers for hours on end, after all. The fabric covering my chair will be cottony soft. And of a pleasing blue-green color.

There will be a special platform attached to my chair, where I can place my keyboard and trackball and do any long hand writing. The desktop platform will be on a movable arm, so you can move it out of the way.

Of course, my perfect computer chair doesn't exist. But SO said they might sell short wide chairs, we should go look.

So, one of these days I might just go furniture shopping.

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