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10 November 2002 ... Lists of Books

The books I am currently reading:

  • Atlas Shrugged
    Reading this forever! The book is intimidating. 1070 pages, tiny print, and her paragraphs can go on for pages... heck, today I counted lines of a single sentence: over 20 lines long. ha.

  • At work I'm reading the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Which, technically is not a book, but it's the double issue, so it does have enough pages to be a book. So it counts.

  • Poemcrazy
    What a great little book! It's so visual it makes me want to draw. Or, you know, write a poem? :)

  • Vegan a Vegetarian FAQ
    I started reading this book today because I am tired of Atlas. Lots of interesting factoids. And it's quick and Easy reading. And do you know how much Atlas WEIGHS?

A list of the books I read over and over again.

Intellectually, I know this practice is Wrong! I've got a million books to read, why waste time re-reading some? But we live in the real world, and I tend to read my favorites over and over. Especially the short ones!

  • WaterSong, by Mary Caraker (out of print)
    Not sure what brings me back to this one, but I've read it about five or six times. Science Fiction. About a species who's life cycle begins in the ocean and then metamorphs to a land dwelling person. The climate is changing tho, and as the water becomes colder, the young are arriving on land premature and deformed. The story is fascinating and the characters are so memorable... I think it's the characters that bring me back over and over.

  • The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West, by Mary Stanton (out of print)
    Here's the truth: this is the first story that ever made me cry. The story is beyond incredible. But it's been a very long while since I have read it. I'm thinking about getting it out. And now, I've just found a "new" series by the author about unicorns?! Must. Buy. Soon...

  • A Life in Hand: Creating the Illuminated Journal
    Such a beautiful and inspiring book. I've only read it twice, so far, but I'm thinking of reading it again when I'm done with Poemcrazy.

And how about a list of books I think I should be reading:

  • ...

um, never mind. It would be a very long list. And after all, I will get to them eventually, right?!

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