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2 November 2002 ... Computer Journal

This year, since January 2002, I have started keeping a Computer Journal.

The first page reveals what I am working with...

PROCESSOR: 850mHz, AMD Athlon
MEMORY: 512mg (two 256 DIMMS)
STORAGE: 20gig (two 10gig harddrives)

DISPLAY: Riva with 8mgs
MONITOR: 17inch Plug and Play
MODEM: 56k MicroModem
NETWORK: Netgear, hub, 10Mbps
CDROMS: atapi 52x and Mitsumi CR-480-4TE
INPUT: Alton keyboard, 
	Logitech trackball (software not installed)
	Wacom tablet
	EPSON Perfection 636U Scanner

OS: Windows 98

And then I go into the software I use often...

	IE 5.0 
	Netscape Communicator 4.6
	WSftpPro 4.01
	Eudora 5.1 sponsored

	NoteTabPro 4.83
	Paint Shop Pro 6.02
	StarOffice 5.1
	TreePad 2.7.3
	Serif PagePlus 8.0

	MusicMatch Jukebox 2.45.007
	Adobe Acrobat 4.0

And then I list monthly changes...

	- upgraded to IE 6.0

	- reinstalled WIN due to serious crashing
	- bought one year of Norton AV definitions

	- upgraded to Netscape 7.0
	- bought Atom Time Pro
	- upgraded to PagePlus 8.0 PDF
	- upgraded Arcobat Reader to 5.0

I also make a list of the websites that I visit. My bookmarks are always changing, as web sites die and I find new ones.

I keep track of any site maintenance I do, as well. For instance, the last time I did a complete link check of, was the 23rd of March.

I started my Computer Journal because every once in a while I think about "how it was" in "the old days". :)

I used to be all about newsgroups and midis and mods. And now... well, mods don't exist any more, and I lost my newsgroup reader many ages ago. I used to play SimCity (the original, and I can't even remember if that was really it's name) then I moved on to DOOM, and then Quake and Descent2. And now, I don't play any games, too much time is spent on my web surfing... Which is mostly other people's online diaries!

Computer's evolve. And our habits evolve with them. And my Computer Journal is documenting those changes.

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