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31 October 2002 ... Happy Halloween

Yay, candy. I bought some, you know. And I'm gonna eat it all.

munch, munch, munch. KitKats and Snickers, yum. The Reeses are for SO.

I just joined The Vegetarian Resource Group. 'Cause I'm cool. And they tempted me beyond reason by offering a book. heh.

Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ Looks rather interesting, full of info. I'm paging through the Vegetarian Journal... *long pause* as the Static Girl finds a good article...

Lately, I've been cutting down on dairy products. I buy vegetarian cheese for my lunch. The other night I whipped up a vegan "milk" shake... Tofu ice cream, soy milk, and a couple of scoops of French Vanilla Cafe fake coffee. YUM!! I'll have to get some Cool Whip for next time. Double Yum! :)

I'm glad to be moving a little bit closer to Vegan. But milk chocolate is going to be a serious problem...

back to my halloween candy.

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